Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weigh-in no. 46

I'm still here.  Two weeks since last weigh-in and up two pounds.

Starting weight:   327.0
Last week   :        270.0
This week:           272.0    
Gain of                +   2.0
Total Loss          -  55.0 lbs

I didn't post last week because I didn't have anything to say.  And, while I don't really have much to say here either (or at least I don't think I do....), I couldn't not post.  

Two months from yesterday, all being well, I will be finished with my interruption in trying to lose weight.  My dissertation will be handed in and life will return to a new version of normal.

Some reflections on things as they stand at the moment:
-  I'm starting to feel fat again.  I'm only up 2.8 pounds from my lowest weight, but I can feel it creeping back into my psyche.  It's partially related to my gain, but mostly I think it is because of my substantial decrease in exercise.  Sitting on my bum all day at a desk typing away isn't doing a lot to keep the slob monster away.
-  I recognize that my quest for balance feels a little out of balance with my priority toward this dissertation taking center-stage.  And yet, I feel as if it is the best thing I can do for me at the moment.  It's not my only choice - I could quit, get an extension, or whatever - but it's the only thing I want to do.  It has to get done, and the sooner the better.  And I think it's just part of life that sometimes you have to put important things aside for a short amount of time to get other important things done.  It doesn't make it easier though....

So, that's where I am.  Hanging in there.  Waiting for October 1 to hurry up and get here - but not too fast because I still have a lot to do!


  1. It is always discouraging to have that number go up. Hopefully you can find a way to at least hold on even if it is with your fingernails. I would recommend less carbs because more protein and good fats will keep you from getting so hungry and of course, don't forget the water.

  2. Don't get discouraged. I know that you are busy right now but don't put yourself in second place. When you can, try to make yourself a priority. Easier said than done but you've worked hard to lose the weight you've lost. Perhaps now you need to work on maintaining. :)

  3. You can do it!

    I've been glued to my desk recently, too, so I'll share what I've been doing. I keep my hula hoop nearby, and I'll try to stand up every couple of hours and do it for just 5 minutes. It is such a huge mental break, which makes it easier to get back to writing (my writing isn't nearly as intense as your dissertation must be) and which makes it feel like at least I've done some small bit of exercise. Plus, it is just fun, which helps, too.

    Thanks for blogging about your experience. You can definitely hang in there.