Sunday, July 3, 2011

weigh-in no. 43: Mindful vs. Mindless Eating & #DIY5K

weigh-in no. 43 (+ 2.0)
Starting weight:   327.0
Last week   :        269.4
This week:           271.4    
Gain of                +  2.0
Total Loss          -  55.6 lbs 

Yep.  A gain.   To be fair, some of it is water gain I think: my feet and hands feel a little puffy, mostly since I did my #DIY5K run/walk yesterday (more on that below) and didn't drink enough water over the course of the day afterwards.

But still, I'll admit that my eating was out of control this week, wanting to snack and munch like my life depended on it.  Most of it was healthy (except for some M&M's and Galaxy Minstrels), but that problem of just eating too much of good things has probably taken its toll as well.

Is it emotional eating?  I'm not feeling particularly emotional right now - positive or negative.  There's a moderate amount of stress due to all that's on my shoulders at the moment, but, to be honest, I expected to be much more stressed out than I am at this stage.  But as I've said before, I find that oftentimes I mindlessly eat out of boredom or out of just not knowing what else to do.  And as I sit there all day in the library trying to give  birth this 80,000 word (200-300 pages) dissertation baby, I just find that I keep wanting to nibble on something to do something else besides just stare at the screen and write.  Hence, the M&M's and Minstrels.

On a subconscious level, I wonder if I'm eating in order to feel some satisfaction, a sense of being full, a sort-of completion.  Working with something that will take a while longer to complete, I wonder if I'm eating in order to stimulate that feeling outside of the actual experience of being done?  I've searched high and low for negative issues like sabotage, but I don't think it's there.

At the same time, I have noticed how much time and energy it takes to eat mindfully - particularly since this week I have eaten somewhat mindlessly.  Now that I have something else that is requiring a huge amount of my time and energy, I find I have little left over to devote to planning meals, talking myself out of snacks or finding other activities to divert myself, etc. 

Exercise has been fine this week; I've run 3 days this week in the neighborhood and have felt good about my progress, considering my decision to scale back a little bit.  I've actually gone back to Couch to 5K (C25K) training just for the ease of time, distance, and intensity (and I've got a great iPhone app!).  I started back at Week 3, which is fairly easy but given the hills and resistance running around in my neighborhood provides, I thought it'd be a good place to start.

Also, I signed up to the #DIY5K for the month of July.  Have you heard of it?
DIY 5K is a monthly challenge to complete a 5K at any time during the month, race-style. You can run it or you can walk it. If you're handicapable and use another modality (bike, wheelchair, etc.), you can do that. It does not matter - this is your 5K, your way.
In addition to signing up to the challenge, I've decided to take it further and challenge myself to do a 5K once a week during July.  I thought that a do-able and yet hefty enough challenge for these next 3 months.  And I've set myself a baseline time of 58:44 that I'll work on beating each week.  1 week down.  4 more to go. 

What challenges - private or with others - 
are you participating in right now?

What are some ideas/recipes for snacking/nibbling that are a better choice? Roasted chickpeas? Kale chips?


  1. The idea of eating to feel completion on some level sounds very understandable. I love those a-ha moments when you understand exactly how and why it isn't about the food at all. ♥ I bought an air-popper to make homemade popcorn without oil - 3 tbsp. of kernals makes a few cups of popcorn for 110 calories. I sprinkle it with spices for a zero calorie flavor boost - I like cumin or garlic powder.

  2. I am in the Slimmer This Summer Challenge right now and experiencing success. My snacks are unsalted, dry roasted peanuts. Hard boiled eggs are good as well as some of the protein bars ( the ones I prefer. You might choose something that will be satisfying and stay with you for a while. I wouldn't eat anything out of a bag - I tend to quit when I have hit the bottom of it. Since I am doing low-carb, fat is not so much of a concern as is sugar/starches.