Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weigh-in no. 40 - back from vacation!

....The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry....

Well, that makes it sound like something has gone wrong, but don't worry - it hasn't!  All is well!  It's just that I promised a weigh-in before I left on holiday and a longer post either before or just didn't happen.  * shrug *  A girl - a busy girl, at that - can only do so much.

So, without further ado, let me weigh-in and then I'll give you the scoop on the holiday and other good stuff:

Starting weight:   327.0
2 weeks ago:        270.8
This week:           269.2    
Loss of                  - 1.6
Total Loss          -  57.8 lbs

My goals for my birthday on 3 June were to:
  • lose 60 lbs total (weight: 267)
  • be able to run 30 minutes consecutively
  • be able to swim 1 mile

I met the swimming goal the week before deadline.  However, the other two I'm still working on.  Am I disappointed?  No.  I have 2.2 lbs before I will have lost 60 lbs, so there's no way I can be disappointed.  It'll come and I'll make another goal.  And the running goal?  At times, I get annoyed about it just because running is something I soooo want to be able to do and do well, but ever since I started, progress has been slower than I expected.  I can run 1 mile in about 13 minutes.  That's not shabby, considering, and I'm proud of it.  I've worked hard to get there.  I'll keep working on the running goal, all the while knowing that doing anything active is a win!

And as for other wins and non-scale victories, there's a couple that I've had recently that I need to share here.  I set a goal for myself to be able to cross my legs and have noticed that it's getting easier.  However, on 24 May 2011, I was at work and just happened to look down and notice how I was sitting...

And as I had to fly to go on vacation (a little dinky 1 hour flight from Belfast to Bristol on EasyJet), I was curious if I would need an extension still.  And lo and behold....

ta-da!!!!  no extension!!!  score!!

Flying was so much more comfortable and less stressful than in the past.  I was able to move in my seat, cross my legs, and generally not feel wedged and trapped in the seat.  It was fantastic!

And my holiday and birthday was fantastic as well.  Seriously, I had a great time and I'd go back to Cornwall in a heartbeat.  It was only an hour flight and 2 hour drive from the Bristol airport, but it might as well have been a world away.  We had a beautiful, warm, rain-free long weekend where I was able to get some sun, enjoy amazing, fresh food, wear a strappy top, and generally forget about all the responsibilities and issues that are a part of life in Belfast. 

Because this is a weight-loss blog, I wanted to include pictures of food I ate and talk a bit about how it felt to be on vacation while in the midst of this journey.

All in all, I found it surprisingly easy.  I think that was down to the fact that I didn't stress about what I ate, saying to myself that gaining a bit would probably be expected given the amount of time we spent in the car traveling from place to place, the type of food that we would be eating, the beer (oh, the lovely beer!), missing workouts, etc.  If I did gain during the trip, it's gone now.  And I'm fine with my loss this week.

On the whole though, I noticed while on the trip that my tastes have changed.  I know if I didn't listen to myself and ate junk, I could have undone a lot of the psychological work I've put in related to not binging on crap and thinking I'm craving stuff that I'm really not.  But I did listen to myself.  When I was full, I stopped.  I chose things that were fresh, non-processed, local, and extremely tasty.  No candy bars on the road trip.  No junk.

On the day I could have had a big, greasy cooked breakfast, I felt the need for yogurt, fruit and toast and was happy.  I packed fruit to carry in the car if I got the urge to snack.

And I enjoyed myself.  I refused to feel guilty about a scone with clotted cream and jam, locally made cheese and salami, or a freshly made cornish pasty.

Just a few photos of my favorite bits of Cornwall (Clockwise: Sunset at Cape Cornwall; St Ives beach; Fowey Estuary and St Michael's Mount in Marazion
There's something I've been wanting to post for a while and have been trying to figure out how to say:

I'm realizing that I don't really feel fat anymore.  I know I still am - I've got about 20-25 more pounds to lose before I'm out of the "morbidly obese" category on the BMI scale.  I know I've still got 102.2 pounds left to lose to be at my ideal weight.

But on the whole I feel like I've become "unstuck", if that makes sense.  Anything seems possible.  I can swim, I can run, I can climb.  My weight, on the whole, no longer holds me back.  I eat what I like (in moderation, of course) and I like what I eat.  I eat to enjoy and to fuel my body to do what I ask it to do.  That's a huge success for me.

Over the course of these last 40+ weeks, I have changed so much.  I feel healthier in body, mind and spirit.  For that, I am so very thankful.

How are you?  What have I missed while I've been away? 
How have things changed for you while being on this journey?


  1. I have joined a Slimmer This Summer Challenge. You can read about it at my place. Great news that you have lost weight while being on vacation. It can be done. So many people use vacation as a time to be on vacation from everything - well done - you didn't come back all down in the dumps and trying to get sympathy for transgressions - doesn't that feel great!! Crossing your legs is a big deal. I remember when I noticed my legs weren't rubbing together when I walked - something else for you to look forward to!! It's nice not to wear out my jeans along the inner thigh.

  2. I am so proud of you Jayme.

  3. Oh Jayme, I'm so happy for all of these victories for you: attitude, traveling easier, not feeling "fat", crossing your legs - all of it is wonderful. Vicariously living through you until I get to that point!

  4. Hi, new follower here. I totally get what you say about the weight you're at now not feeling so fat. I am currently 305 (uggh) and feel like I'm in a big prison called my own body. I know that if I get about 35 pounds down, closer to where you are - I won't be so bad off. I will have more ability to do more exercise, to wear more types of clothes, and to hopefully give up that extender! Good job to you for your journey so far and thanks for sharing. Check my blog out as well, I'm a newbie around these parts but really enjoying it! ;)

  5. Congrats on all of these wonderful victories, both on the scale and off! Your vacation looks like a dream, and you are such an inspiration on how to continue on your journey without derailing yourself while taking a break from your life.

    I'm actually planning a vacation to London, Bath and Edinburgh in the fall and I can't wait! First time to the UK! Stoked!

  6. I'm doing well, and I'm glad to see you are too! Congrats on the loss and many victories you are experiencing.