Thursday, May 12, 2011

Swimsuit review: Speedo Endurance+ Mindset Legsuit

*I am writing this review on my own without any compensation or encouragement 
from Speedo or Simply Swim.  Everything expressed here are my own opinions about equipment purchased with my own hard-earned money*

I bought a new swimsuit a while back for swimming laps and taking my 'improvers' swim class.  The tankini I had was just too big and generally inappropriate for fitness swimming.  So I've been wanting to review my new suit because I think it's an important piece of kit for fitness, equal to finding a pair of leggings or yoga pants you like!

When looking to buy my new suit, I did some research and shopping around, and I decided to go with the Speedo Endurance+ Mindset Legsuit which is available on Speedo's UK website and at Simply Swim (where I purchased it). 

you'll have to settle for the model picture of the suit

I decided to go with the legsuit option for a couple reasons.
  1. I like the look of them.  Some may think they're granny-ish, but I think they look cool and like you mean business, unlike the suits with skirts that I refuse to wear.
  2. Being my size, I wasn't comfortable with showing tons of skin just yet, even at the pool.
  3. I didn't want to have to always be worried about having shaved and letting that keep me from swimming (gross, I know, but's true).
I've been using the suit for about 8 weeks now and I have to say I'm pretty happy.  I feel good and confident in it.  It keeps me in and none of my bits (bust, belly, hips/thighs) flap about or need to be adjusted when I'm swimming, so that's great.

I bought the suit a size smaller than I normally would have otherwise (I was wearing a size 22 US when I bought it and so I got the 44 size, but would have normally gotten the 46).  But I just didn't want to have to buy another suit halfway through the summer, so I figured I'd take a little tightness at the beginning for a better fit for longer.  I think that method worked for me.

The one thing I was worried about with the suit was if whether or not the legs would ride up.  Alas, they do, but only after the suit has gotten wet and you've been swimming for a little while.  However, this might be because I bought the suit a little small and, in honesty, my thighs and quads are still larger than normal size (for a person my weight, I think).

However, when they do ride up, it's not uncomfortable but can produce some self-conscious moments in the pool when you want to straighten them out (although women are always pulling wedgies out in regular suits too, so I don't see much of a difference).

All in all, I really like this suit and will certainly consider another legsuit like this one when this one gets too big.  I've been really happy with how the suit has been made, Speedo's use of endurance/chlorine-resistant fabrics, and the way it retains its shape without being slick and skimpy or showing any stress in the seams.

So if you're looking for a good swimsuit for fitness swimming, considering a suit like this one might be an option for you.

What pieces of fitness kit do you depend upon?

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  1. I usually get the ones with skirts because I'm still pretty self-conscious about the tops of my legs. But I like the look of this suit! Sporty and still conservative.