Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Before & During (a photo diary)

As I've said before, I'm trying to take more pictures of myself as I go through this journey in order to be able to see the changes that are happening that I don't really see myself.

Yet, I found myself lacking in 'before' photos in order to make comparisons.  I always hated having my picture taken because the person I saw in the photo didn't correspond with the person I saw in the mirror: the person in the photos was really fat and since I see about a size 16 (which is still overweight, but not as big as reality) when I look in the mirror, it just didn't reflect who I thought I was (and was part of the reason why I think I just kept getting bigger and bigger - I just didn't see it!)

So, I've had to raid my beloved's computer for photos taken in the last couple years.  He has them; I do not. 

But now that I've got a few to work with, I wanted to 'recreate' them - wearing the same clothes (if I can or still have them) and doing the same thing.  Mostly, this is for me, so I can see the changes as I go. 

So here's the first installment:
Summer 2010 (before I started and so approx 327 lbs)                                                         April 2011 (48.6 lbs lost)       

Now I can see it.

More to come as I continue along this journey.  I also plan to do another set of body shots and measurements in the next couple weeks (probably when I hit the 50 lb loss mark), so be on the lookout for that.


  1. I just put a full body picture on my blog and I noticed how immediately critical I was - especially the arms. They don't lay flat against my body and the flab is obvious on my upper arms even though it isn't a sleeveless top. I am glad the jeans don't pull up in my crotch like with so many. They are a little looser now. I see so many obese people who just wear sweats and super big t-shirts to cover as best they can. I can tell difference in your pictures as well but we still don't want to believe we look that do we? - but it's there and it's good we look at that often. We can either beat ourselves up with it or do something about it. I am going to do something about it - just like you my friend.

  2. What a difference, really impressive....keep going

  3. shazam. you're rocking, girl! it's amazing what others see in us that we cannot allow ourselves to see. you're eyes are opened, and that brings tears. you are beautiful, dear one. beautiful.

  4. Looking great, Jayme! I totally get not seeing changes - photos help, for sure! I tried on my "before" outfit again recently - it's such a great NSV to feel the difference.

  5. I've avoid the camera too because I hated seeing pictures of myself. But now that I am losing weight, I wish I had more for reference. You are looking amazing and it's a great way to remind yourself of how well you are doing.

  6. I don't have the guts to post my "before" photo online yet...but I have it and I look at it periodically, especially when I'm feeling low (those plateau weeks!). You and I have lost about the same amount of weight and it's great to see the change in you - it's like looking into a mirror. Since today was one of those "low" days...I'm glad I stumbled across this post! Kudos to you and thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Jayme you look great and I am glad that you can now see the difference as we are always the last one to notice the change in ourselves.

  8. Wow! You look fabulous! Such a difference! Thanks so much for sharing!