Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weigh-in no. 30 - Sayonara 280s!!

weigh-in no. 30 (-4.4)

Last week:    284.2
This week:    279.8      
Loss of         -   4.4
Total Loss    - 47.2 lbs  

280s, I'll never miss ya!

About damn time.

I've worked my ass off in the gym this week (in comparison to previous weeks) and I did a total of 7.8 miles on the elliptical (not bad for someone who when I started could barely do 3 minutes or .15 mile) and swam twice (for swim class and then 20 lengths/.32 mile).

It was fantastic!

As such, this week I've felt skinnier, and given the loss now I understand why.  But even if I had've maintained (or God forbid, gained), I have to say I've been satisfied with what my body has been able to do, what achievements I have made and the progress that has taken place over these last 6+ months.  So I decided to take a picture of myself one morning when I was feeling particularly fit. The inner critic and Fat Jayme doesn't see the changes that I know are there. But whatever....they're being proven wrong and that's all that matters in the big scheme of things.  And my 4.4 loss this week kicks my inner critic's tail.

It's helped tremendously that the sun has been shining most of the week.  When I haven't been occupied elsewhere, I've taken the opportunity to sit outside in the sun.  It's not super-warm yet, but the warmth of the sun makes it bearable to sit outside and show a little skin.  I never really noticed my love for the sun until I moved to Northern Ireland.  Now, whenever it's out, I feel like I have to take advantage of it while I can.  So, I chose to go the optimistic route and break out the Chacos for the season (which I'll practically live in until September or October).  I've worn them 3 days this week and life is good again.  I am so much happier when my feet are able to see sunshine.

The pescatarian (eating no land animals) extravaganza over Lent is going really well.  I'm really quite surprised at how much I've not missed meat.  And I feel lighter and more digestively healthy, so I've been quite pleased with it so far.  Jim has been a little worried I'll continue down the path after Easter (what is it about men and meat??).  I have assured him that I will go back to eating meat - at least on occasion - but on the whole, this experience is doing what I hoped it would do and is breaking my habit of basing whatever I eat around some meat-product.  I'm also surprised that I haven't eaten more fish to compensate.  Instead, I'm finding great delight in the piles of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and beans I've got filling my countertops and cupboards.   I've not felt any ill-effects, as I wondered if it'd affect my workouts, so I think I'm doing ok with recovering protein from other sources.

So, more of the same, please!  Next week won't be as big of a loss since this week also included my body getting rid of the water weight gain I had last week (I think), but I shall keep on keepin' on! 

Questions for comment: 
How does the onset of spring affect you and your health?  How do your daily rhythms change with the change in seasons?  Any big goals coming up you need to knock out?


  1. It seems like spring just makes me energetic and want to get outside. I do lots of yard work and gardening so that can begin again. It's just invigorating to go outside without coat, hat, gloves, boots, etc. No big, new goals - just carry on.

    Jayme - I don't know how much vanilla extract you use but I make my own. Get a fifth of vodka. Put in two vanilla beans that you have made a few slits along the pods. Put in a dark place for a month or so and voila - you now have a fifth of vanilla extract. When it gets below half I top it off and add another vanilla bean. The real stuff in the store is so expensive for a teensy weensy bottle. This is better - enjoy.

  2. Woo hoo! Congrats on your new decade - that's always such a good feeling. I'm looking forward to spring and moving some of my workouts outdoors - at least the running, anyway. Love the pic of your feet in the sun - I totally love that feeling! ♥