Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weigh-in no. 29: The "I'm flippin' ready to be out of the 280s" edition

*language warning*

Right.  So weigh-in this morning was a kick in the tail.  Despite the fact that I've done everything right this week, I'm still registering a gain.  Bollocks.

Weigh-in no. 29 (+1.8)
 Last week:    282.4
This week:    284.2      
Gain of         +  1.8
Total Loss    - 42.8 lbs

For me to have legitimately gained 1.8 lbs, I would have needed to eat an additional 6,300 calories this week.  That's almost 1,000 calories more a day than the 2,050 it takes for me to maintain weight.  That's simply not possible.  I stayed within my caloric limit of 1400-1800 calories per day.  Although I'm going pescatarian (vegetarian that eats fish & seafood) for Lent, I'm not eating any more bread and carbs than I normally do.  I drank plenty of water this week.  I've had lots of fiber.  I'm truly stumped and feel a bit betrayed by my body.

So, the weight gain has to be related to water-weight or something like that.  I really have no idea.  But I know two things: 1) This gain hacks me off and 2) I'm freakin' ready to be out of the 280s.  I've been in this range of the 280s since mid-January.  I'm done.  They can just f*@% right off.


It's times like this that I totally understand people who give up and say, "what's the point?"  That's not me - I'm not giving up and I know this is just temporary - but it does have the potential to be demoralizing.

Oh well.  There's always next week.

In other news, spring has arrived in Northern Ireland.  YAY SPRING!!  When time changes next week, it'll be even better.  I saw my first big, fat bumblebee of the season yesterday and wild garlic is sprouting, so Jim and I went out foraging to get some of the leaves to make into pesto and add to salads, etc.  Jim'll take the majority of it in to use in the restaurant, but I'm excited about the possibilities here at home as well.  It's only around for about 3-4 weeks and is found in woodland areas, but it's so nice and a great reminder that spring is arriving.

So that's me, y'all.  Hacked off but determined to get out of these damn 280s.  And getting on with it.

Questions for comment: Have you felt betrayed by your body in your efforts to be healthy?  How do you deal with it?  What keeps you going when you feel your body isn't cooperating?


  1. I Hear you...I'm not as good at staying in a calorie range as you and I've been stuck in the upper 180's since January...But my cold is gone so I'll be back at the gym tomorrow! Yay! Let's kick some 80's ass!

  2. Well, stuff happens. It has happened to me before so I know how you feel. I would go to weigh in at Weight Watchers just knowing I had done well and then get the kind of results you did. I would then go in feeling like I was going to have a gain and lose 3 or 4 pounds. It's crazy but over the long haul the weight will come off if you do all the right things.

  3. Oh yeah I feel betrayed, but I reason it out with myself (with help from hubby) as our bodies just do not zoom down to goal weight becase WE'VE finally decided to lose weight. In fact, the body is really just doing it's thing...trying to keep us alive. I remember recently working my butt off and "only losing 1 lb" and feeling down; only to lose 4 lbs the next week. The math does not always add just takes time. Congrats on your 42.8 lbs so far. You'll get there!

  4. I know it can be so frustrating! I lost 60 pounds and plateau a few times during it. After 2 1/2 years on maintenance I still yell at the scale unsure why it chose the number it did. Never give up! It can be so many different reasons why its showing more.

    Too much water, to much exercise, too little water, too much salt, too little exercise can all be apart of it.

    Don't give the scale power, its just a tool to help you gauge where your at.

  5. I am in a very bad place with my body. I am working out and watching what I eat and I am not seeing a difference like some other people that are doing this workout with me. UGGGGG!!!!

    What kind of Cardio are you doing? My workouts are killing my knee and I need something that works for ME.

  6. hey paula,

    sorry to hear about your frustrations! i do running/walking and the elliptical (which is good for folks who have bad knees and backs since it's no impact) as cardio. swimming's also in my routine and is also no impact. but take care of that knee! and yes, you need something that does work for YOU!

  7. Determined is the right attitude as its a marathon and not a sprint. Keep up the good work.

  8. I so understand. I finally lost enough weight that I could stop my blood pressure medicine. Yay, right? Well, yes. But I've gained 5.5 pounds since Saturday. I know it's all water weight so I'm not worried, but mentally it does set me back a little. Hang in there. It could be a lot of things. If you're eating right and exercising, it's obviously not 'fat' weight. Hang in there.

  9. that's so frustrating, but hang in there! weight gain is such a mysterious thing sometimes. it could be partly due to muscle, since that weighs more than fat. which is awesome, because even if you *weigh* more, you're in better shape.

    i've enjoyed reading your blog. it's so inspiring! thank you.