Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weigh-in no. 28

It's been a hectic week!  I had planned to post last week's weigh-in after I returned from the conference, but just never really got the chance to sit down and write it all out.  So, this week's weigh-in is 2 week's worth.

weigh-in no. 28 (-3.6)

2 weeks ago:    286.0
This week:       282.4      
Loss of             -  3.6
Total Loss       - 44.6 lbs

I'm back!!!!  The pause in loss I think was a combination of slightly plateauing and getting lazy with eating by not planning meals (particularly dinners) and just figuring stuff out once you realize you're hungry, which is never a good idea.

I also think my lenten decision to go toward a more plant-based diet and be pescatarian (vegetarian who eats eggs, fish & seafood) was a good one.  Lent started this week and, to be honest, so far it's been no problem at all.  We'll see how the remaining 35 days go but I think this will be a good move.  I'm enjoying having to think about new veggie recipes, eating more fish (living in Ireland has its perks in this regard!), and generally feeling better in the digestive department.

On a more personal note, while this past week was hectic, it's been laughter-filled.  My conference presentation wherein I was a respondent to the keynote address was an experience I'll never forget and will undoubtedly tell students later in life when they find themselves where I am now.  It went well - but note to self: when asked to be a main speaker at a conference held in the hallowed halls of the seat of Irish Catholicism, one may be advised to refrain from saying "crap" in one's address and to be aware of the seismic implications of referring to queer theology as a (legitimate) methodology and referring to one's female self as trained minister/clergy.  I think I may have gained the reputation on this isle of being a bit of a "loose cannon", but oh well.  I was pleased with what I did and my conference organizers were happy, so all is well.  :o)

And then last night, I went out to dinner with some of my closest friends here to Hill Street Brasserie (website to be revised) where my partner Jim is the new head chef.  And while I'm a bit partial, I have to say it was LOVELY.  Great friends, excellent food, tasty wine, fantastic service.  Perfect evening!  And after 1/2 a bottle of wine, a beer and a 3 course dinner, I still showed a 3.6 lb loss!  Score!

All being well, life returns to normal pace this coming week and I'll be a bit more present here.  Swimming class starts on Wednesday evening and it's back to regular schedule.

How's things been for you?  Is March turning out to be a better month than February?  Where were your laughter-filled moments this week?


  1. Cute story about the conference. I too am so thankful that I can go out to eat without using it as an excuse to binge for two days or give up. I can choose now to go to an eating event in the family without starting to cheat early and then finish off the rest of the day with being out of control because I am starting tomorrow. WHEW!!

  2. Great stuff on the conference and as usual your commitment to self care is inspirational.

  3. Good job on the loss! Glad to hear the meat-free challenge is going well ... I'm finding that meal planning has a surprising impact on my weigh ins ... so having to plan for and think closely about what you're going to be preparing probably helps a lot!

  4. Losing half your weight? Me too. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  5. love, love this post! laughter with good women around a table. laughter to come soon with a dear friend and a call. cheers!