Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weigh-in no. 24

weigh-in no. 24 (-0)

Last week:    288.4
This week:    288.4      
Loss of          -    0
Total Loss     - 38.6

No loss.  No gain.

I'm a little annoyed because I was hoping to have hit the 40lb mark this week.  However, for some reason, my eating was a bit out of control this week.  I didn't eat junk food, but just too much of everything.  For some reason, I was ravenous most of the week and found myself picking at food while making dinner, eating larger portions than I normally do, and still being hungry.  Not sure what's up there,  but will definitely pay more attention this coming week.

But, I'm ok with having not lost anything this week because I have other victories.  I mentioned some earlier this week, such as being able to fit in the office chairs at work better, being able to cross my legs, and running 4.5 minutes straight.  However, by the end of the week, I was able to run  

5.5 minutes!  

Not huge by some people's standards, but huge for me and I'm ecstatic.  I almost cheered out loud in the gym when I did it.  So I'm going to go mark that "5 minute running non-stop" off my goals list.

At the pace I run for now, that was .44 miles, so feasibly, this next week I should be able to run half a mile.  Plus, that same day I also walked 1.2 miles, did 15 minutes/1+ mile on the elliptical (which used to kill me in less than 3 minutes), and I can now do 60 reps of 65kg/143lbs on the leg press and 60 reps of 45kg/99lbs on the shoulder press.  I'm still getting stronger, my endurance is building, and I can feel it in my body.

So, no loss today is annoying, but I'm alright.  I had other victories this week that I'm really happy with.

I've also been inspired by my friend Michelle and Skinny Emmie's return to swimming and so I've committed to swimming at least once this coming week.  I love swimming, but haven't done it in so long even though I carry my swimsuit and swim cap in my gym bag all the time.  I do have some apprehensions about it though, which has kept me from swimming so far:
  • I usually forget to shave beforehand!  So I need to start carrying my razor with me just in case.
  • I've never really had proper swimming lessons, so I can swim fine but my form is terrible and I have difficulty swimming in a straight line, so I'm afraid I'm going to go into other people's lanes and start causing chaos (the pool doesn't have roped lanes, just lines painted on the bottom).  Any tips I should know to swim straight?
So, that's been my week.  Could do better, but I'm pretty happy nonetheless.

Question for comments:  How has your week been?  What are your goals for this coming week?


  1. A maintain is still a win in my book!

    Good for you on the 5+ minutes! I am so impressed. And motivated. If you can do it, so can I!

    Let's all get into the pool, already. I love swimming too and have let too many years go by wihtout enjoying it because I was worried what others might think. Shit, they are thinking about me. They don't care (even with my hairy legs and all -- I forget to shave too!).

  2. I love swimming even though I'm not great at it - so I've been attacking it the way I do running, which is to focus on form and distance before I try and improve my speed. It takes me a little bit of time, but I stay as proper and straight as I can. You'll have to let us know how it goes! And awesome job with the running - are you on a treadmill or a track?

  3. sarah, you can totally do it! i've been surprised at how much progress i had this week now that i've ditched the "couch to 5k" program. i'm just running as long as i can and each time i can go a little further. it's great!

    and yeah, sarah & mary - swimming! will let you know how it goes. but mary, how do you stay straight? do you do a breaststroke so you see where you're going or do you stop and check as you go?

  4. i hafta agree with sarah. for some reason, maintenance is so so hard for me. so when it does happen, it's like praise jesus. obiviously i'm eating too much to lose, but at least i'm giving my body the amount of fuel it needs rather than overeating and gaining.

    5.5 minutes is such an accomplishment to me, j. really! i'm terrified of running and don't know when i'll be brave enough to challenge myself like you.

  5. Jayme, does your pool have colored tiles on the bottom? Are you wearing goggles? When I first joined a swim team, I looked at the bottom of the pool while I was swimming free style to make sure I was going straight. If you're still not going straight, then you're out-pulling or out-kicking on one side. Maybe practicing side strokes to strengthen the weaker side.

    Everyone goes off course at some point in a workout, and that's what the lane lines are for. I've always had a hard time with backstroke, but watching a line on the ceiling helped with that too.

  6. alexia, thanks!! and yeah, maintenance isn't a bad thing by any stretch! and you can totally do the running. no need to be terrified. and it's so empowering!!

    kelly, thanks so much for your response! i swam today for the first time in a while and did ok, but did find myself weaving a bit. thankfully there was space on the side, so the wall of the pool kept me straight.

    see, i've never had "proper" lessons, so i know my form is off. and there are lines painted on the bottom - but i didn't notice if they were on the ceiling as well. oh, and i don't have goggles. i think i'm fancy having a swim cap!! :o) but there's an "improvers" class starting in march for adults who want to learn how to swim properly, which i'll probably sign up for.