Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Non-Scale Victories (NSVs) for 2011 - so far

I wanted to share these in this past week's weigh-in, but decided that they deserved their own post, not related to the number on a scale.  This past week the scale registered 288.4.  It was "only" a .4 lb loss, but I'm ok with it.  Because I know it's not just about the number on the scale.  It's about other things too, such as:

1.  At my new job (a new role in an organization I've worked in on an intern/consultancy basis for almost 4 years now), we have these chairs that have been my nemesis.  I've hated them for all 4 years I've been there.  They have metal arms and they've been just too narrow, so the arms cut into my hips and legs and there's just not been a lot of room for movement or even to sit comfortably in them.  As I was sitting in a meeting this past week, I made a mental note that the chairs were still a bit uncomfortable but also noticed that I had more room and was able to sit sideways and CROSS MY LEGS!!!  I had a little moment.  I had to take a picture in the middle of the meeting just to share.

That's me.  Legs crossed.

I'm still not able to sit and cross my legs without shifting myself to one side, but I have noticed that it's getting easier!

2.  I have lost 28.25 inches total from my body so far.  That's 2 feet and 4.25 inches!!  Since the last time I measured in mid-November, I've lost 8.25 inches.  And look - I've lost 14.5% in my hips which is why I could fit my ass in the chairs at work!  Yee-haw!

* click to enlarge *

3.  And since I've been neglecting my regular gym schedule the last few weeks (since Christmas, really), I was prepared to have to go back to square one on my running schedule.  However, yesterday I went to the gym, got on the treadmill, put on Green Day and Third Eye Blind and ran 4.5 minutes consecutively.  I'm toying with the idea of ditching the Couch-to-5K training program and just pushing myself to run longer and longer each time instead.  Josie at At The Starting Line had to do the same, recognizing that she was relying too heavily on the walking intervals, and I was intrigued and recognized that I may be doing the same.  So I may try to just run until I can't run any longer for a while and see how it goes.  So I'll be making that 5 minute consecutive run goal in the near future!

4.  The elliptical machine is no longer my nemesis.  In fact, I look forward to doing it!  When I started this journey, I could barely do 3 minutes without dying of pain.  Now, I can easily do 10 minutes and am usually doing 12-15 minutes to push myself further.

Question:  What are some victories you have had this week that aren't scale-related?  What celebrations do you have this week?


  1. Hi there! I'm brand new to your site and I just felt the need to comment about your idea to possible ditch the couch to 5K program. I did the same thing. I relied too much on the walking and so one day just decided to run as far as I could and I almost made it a mile. Two weeks later I was running a mile and a half. This was back in late October. Last week I ran my first 5K, I'm running a four mile race this Sunday and another 5K the week after. Running is now my exercise of choice. I say give it a shot. You'll most likely be surprised at how far you go!

    good luck!!

    You can read about my journey at musingsofmaia.blogspot.com if you are interested.


  2. maia, thanks for that! i have ditched C25K this week and have found i'm doing much better. on monday, i ran for 4.5 minutes straight. on wednesday, i ran for 5.5 minutes straight. i feel much better doing it this way - so i think that's what i'll continue to do. i have been surprised and just about cheered out loud at the gym when i hit the 5.5 minute mark! :o)

    will check out your blog! thanks for your comment and welcome!

  3. Me again, Jayme. I'm just learning about the blogosphere, so bear with me as I learn how to post properly! Anyway, I wanted to share my NSV this week. I've gone 5 days without eating dairy. I'm trying this b/c of some reflux/stomach issues and my doc said to try to see if dairy is irritating things. Anyway, I'm trying it for 2 weeks, do 5 days down...and I ate alot fewer sweets this week, although I know there are delicious non-dairy treats out there. ~AS

  4. Alison, congrats on the dairy-free and fewer sweets success so far! Keep me posted on how that goes for you!

  5. What are some victories you have had this week that aren't scale-related? What celebrations do you have this week?.......

    I lost 3.5 inches off my body. I did 7.0 miles on my exercise bike - the most EVER at one time! And burned over 700 cal. with my cardio. I only lost 1.5 lbs, but who cares, I know I'm on the right track!!

    We can do this! :)