Friday, February 25, 2011

Music to sweat by

Music is so important in all aspects of life, but particularly when you need some motivation to move, keep up a particular pace and stick with it. A playlist that has a song that is too slow for what you want to be doing is the pits.

I've had a great playlist this week while running and working out so I thought I'd share it with you. It starts with a couple warm up songs, then 3-4 running-then-walking songs, then some hard stuff to make me push on the elliptical and then some other stuff for weights and generally feeling good about what I've done.

Working out is not the time for me to listen to new music. I need familiar stuff - stuff that I already have a connection with and good feelings about. So you'll probably see mostly stuff you might already know.



  1. I just made myself a playlist for today- I;m just sorry I can't use it yet :)

    Great to see the Spin Doctors on there!

  2. What a great mix! A lot of those songs are already on some of my running lists, and the others I'll need to check out! I'm always looking for new music to push me a little harder.