Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are we born to run?

Allusions to Bruce Springsteen aside, I watched this video this morning and was fascinated.  I'm not there yet and wouldn't yet call myself a runner (although, it does beg the question as to when or at what point can you call yourself that??), but what Christopher McDougall presents here was extremely thought-provoking.

What if running is the key to a healthy, peaceful, close-knit human community? 

Automatically, I began wondering (as is my norm) what studies had been done related to running and anger/stress levels?  How many dictators were runners, if any?  How many of the "highly effective" people in the world are runners?  What is the link between intense exercise, mental health and compassion toward others?

I'm not sold completely that it's a 1-to-1 thing (because I've met some mean people who exercise regularly), but I am curious if there's something there.

Have a watch and tell me what you think:

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