Sunday, December 12, 2010

Weigh-in no. 17: The "I wish I lived in Hawaii" edition

Finally, the 5 inches of snow we had hanging around for 2 weeks up here in the village is thawed.  The sky is clear, but frost from last night is still hanging around even though it's well into the morning (well, 11am....sunrise was 2 hours ago).  The last 2 days have been positively subtropical, at around 5/41 degrees but we hear it's supposed to all come back later this coming week.  Lovely.

What I would give to live somewhere warm right now!  Don't think that climate won't be playing a role in where I look for jobs at the end of this academic year!  I'm thinking somewhere near a beach, some palm trees, a little tiki hut to sit and theologize could happen!

Anyway, not a whole lot to report this week other than the weigh-in, mostly because I've done a lot of reflection and writing this week with the #reverb10 posts.  See, I told you I wanted to post more stuff than just weigh-ins once a week!  Now you're getting something every day!   And I've got recipe posts waiting to go up as well.  It'll feel like Christmas with all the stuff I'm giving you!  :o)

Speaking of Christmas, I'm pretty dang excited that my close friends Suzanne (read her blogs here and here or buy her art here) and her husband Richard are coming to spend Christmas with us here (which I've probably already mentioned).  I'm actually not usually really big into Christmas - I like it ok, but it's not usually something I get terribly excited about - but I am looking more forward to it than normal.  I'm looking forward to the fun, the laughter, the deep conversations, the art, the food, the rest and the topping up of the ol' love tank.  It'll be a wonderful time.

Until then, it's time for this week's weigh-in.....

Weigh-in no. 17 (-1.6)

Last week:    296.8
This week:    295.2      
Loss of           - 1.6
Total Loss     - 31.8

Not bad considering I picked writing time at the library over the gym all week.  I have to turn in a preliminary draft of my methodology chapter (ugh!) to my supervisor tomorrow, so I've been trying to crank it out and needed the extra time.  Will get back to the gym and running starting tomorrow since I won't have another deadline looming until January.  I'm still on Week 3 of C25K, but I'm happy.  I'm going at the pace I need to go and I'm satisfied with that.  I imagine I'll be on it at least another week - or may just stay with it until Jan. 1 as I'm not sure how regularly I'll get to the gym while my friends are here.

And, in case it needs to be said, I will be enjoying my time with them and not obsessing over what I can eat over the holidays.  Between the four of us, there's gonna be some amazing food in this house and I have no intentions of depriving myself.  I will, however, be mindful of amounts and if there are places where I can cut corners, I will.  But I've also decided:  If I gain, I gain.  It's not the end of the world.  It's not like I'm gonna go crazy and gain 10 lbs.  But if I can enjoy it all in moderation and maintain, I'll be a happy camper.  If I can enjoy it all and still lose, I'll be ecstatic.  But times like this don't come around very often and I have every intention of enjoying it.

So, on that note, I will bid you adieu and get back to working on my methodology chapter draft.  Say a prayer for me.


  1. Congrats on the excellent weigh-in... and prayer said!

  2. Keep on keepin' on!

  3. "...times like this don't come around very often and I have every intention of enjoying it." ♥ You're so right, Jayme. Enjoy this time with your friends!!! And best of luck with your chapter - about this time last year, I was preparing annotated bibliographies for my research for my three comprehensive MA exams, and it was *awful* - I can't imagine PhD work!!!