Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weigh-in no. 13

The lucky...or unlucky...number 13 has arrived.  Personally, 13 has no effect on me.  I'm not superstitious, although I do occasionally knock on wood just to be on the safe side.  :o)

Regardless, I've been wondering throughout the week what today would hold and I have to say I was quite surprised....

Weigh-in no. 13 (-2.4)

Last week:    304.2
This week:    301.8      
Loss of           - 2.4
Total Loss     -25.2

YAY!!  I've lost more than twice as much as I did last week!  Woohoo!!  FINALLY!!  It's still not the 4+ lbs that I lost in the early weeks, but that's ok.  It's more than I have been doing in recent weeks, so that's a winner for me.  And it also means that saying goodbye to the 3's is a very likely possibility for next week.  Related to this, I have some thoughts I want to share about it all - about what I've noticed to be myths vs. facts in relation to weight loss.  I'll post those in the next day or two so be on the lookout for it if you're interested in reading.

I said last week that I would do another taking-of-the-measurements thing.  So I've put it all into my trusty excel spreadsheet for ease of viewing and here are the results:

*there's no need to squint - click on the image to see a bigger version*
So I've lost 25.2 lbs so far and have lost 20 inches off my body.  That boggles my mind.  The biggest loss so far has been in my hips, with 7 inches gone (11.29%!), but I am surprised at how much I've lost in my neck as well considering its relative size (9.3%).

The measurements on my arms and legs aren't moving as much because of working out, I'm sure.  I can feel them getting firmer as I'm building muscle, so whatever fat loss is happening there is getting replaced somewhat.  I'm sure it'll catch up, although I suspect movement in those areas will always be a bit slower.

In exercise news, I have completed (with gusto, I might add) Week 2 of C25K and will be moving on to Week 3 in the coming week.  I'm taking my time with these.  My blogging friend Mary at a small loss has been kicking ass and progressing like a wild woman on C25K and I'm a little jealous but extremely happy for her.  But she's also carrying less around than I am (go Mary!!), so I have to give myself a break and do what's best for me and not what others are doing.  In the end, it's about getting the heart rate up and increasing endurance - not about being able to run a 5K next week.  So, I'm happy and satisfied with where I am.  The 5K will come.  Patience, grasshopper.

And this week has been study week within the Trinity College system, so I've had most of the week off to spend on my research, which was nice.  Step by step, it'll get done.  Malo po malo ("little by little" in Bosnian).  Which I guess is the theme for life for me these days, eh?

How's your week been?  Any new, exciting or revelatory experiences to share?


  1. Well done, again Jayme, great progress.

  2. Congrats, Jayme! Keep up the good work.

  3. Great job! You are sooo close to having a 2 in front! I always love those transitions myself.

    Excellent progress in weight and inches lost. Wish I would have kept track of inches in hindsight.

    And just take your time with C25K. For me, it was an amazing confidence-building experience and finishing it was the goal. You are doing a great job AND listening to your body... on to Week 3!

  4. Great loss, Jayme! I wish I had marked down my measurements at the beginning, too. The "2" is awesome but scary, but I know you'll handle it just fine!

    Don't be jealous of the C25k - until we "graduate" from it, we are not running a race. ;) I understand the feeling, though. I'm jealous of people who seem to be having a smooth emotional transition with their weight loss. I've hit a serious rough patch these days.

    Let's get out there and own this week, shall we?! ♥