Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weigh-in no. 11 (-2.6)

So I missed weigh-in last week.  I went on a silent retreat up in the Glens of Antrim last weekend, where I worked on my research and wrote yesterday's blog post on my big, fat history.   It was a great weekend and - let me just say - I love silence.  Love. It.  There aren't many opportunities one gets to go away somewhere, not be considered rude for not speaking to people, and not have anyone or anything demanding anything of you.  No phone.  No internet.  No dogs or family requiring attention (which is not a bad thing, but nice to have a break from time to time).  Nothing except time to think, sleep, read, write, relax, walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery......

It was lovely.

Sleeping Piggy rocking her rave band from partying at the hospital
And then I came home Sunday afternoon all zen to a house where my/our beloved Piggy dog was suffering from we found out was acute pancreatitis.   The poor girl was hurting - as was Jim who was pretty upset that she was ill on his watch - so I had to take her to the vet first thing Monday morning where she was hospitalized with IVs and pain and anti-vomit/diarrhea meds until late Tuesday evening.  We think it was a stomach bug that must be going around that caused the flare-up because we had to take Cody to the vet yesterday as well with similar, but not as bad, gastro-intestinal upset.  We're praying Luna doesn't get it.

So, all that to say, weigh-in didn't happen.  I finally made it to the gym on Wednesday and picked back up on my normal routine for the rest of the week, but that's all I was able to do.

With that said, let me move on to the weigh-in and get it over with....

Weigh-in no. 11 (-2.6)

2 weeks ago: 307.8
This week:    305.2      
Loss of           - 2.6
Total Loss     -21.8

It's official.  I've lost more than 20 lbs!

Not bad, I know....but I have to admit I am kinda disappointed in myself this weigh-in.  Unless I get pretty strict on myself, work out all 5 days and eat rice cakes and dry tuna all week, I probably won't meet my goal of saying goodbye to the 300s next week as I had planned.   But you never know.  However, if I need to go over a week or two, that's ok.  As detailed above, things hardly ever go according to plan and I need to remember to be gentle with myself.

It does make me wonder though - what was I doing in those first 2 weeks that I lost 4.4 and 4.6 lbs respectively?  I think I'm working out harder and with more intensity now.  Was I eating that much better then?  I don't think so - but I do think I'm going to go back to logging calories this week and see if it makes a difference.

Speaking of working out, I've defied the gym guy and have been running, even when he's there.  He hasn't said a word.  However, I can't figure out why, but I'm having a difficult time with Week 2 of C25K.  I haven't been able to get through it yet.  After 4 of the 6 intervals my legs are killing me (muscularly, I should say) and I've had to stop.  I can do Week 1 without any problem, so you'd think that running 1 minute/walking 3 minutes isn't that much of a bigger deal than running 90 seconds/walking 2 minutes......but it is.  I'm not sure why.  So Friday I went back to Week 1 just to remind myself I could still do it and to help me feel not-so-defeated by it.  But I've made up my mind - I will conquer Week 2 this week!!

I also started weight-training a couple weeks ago, which I actually really enjoy.  I stay out of the testosterone-zone free-weight area, but use the weight machines, and I have to say that I always feel really good after using them.  I feel strong.  I feel like I've worked my body and that it has done what I asked it to.  I like that.

And with regards to my research, things are going well.  This week wasn't as productive as I had hoped it would be given the distractions that arose, but all-in-all, I'm happy with where I am.  The fact that tomorrow is 1 November sort of freaks me out.  Time is flying!!  But I think having Chapter 6 mostly finished by the end of December is still an achievable goal. 

So, on this autumn day, I've got a crock-pot of beef stew going, 3 sleeping and mostly-healthy dogs snoring at my feet, and 2.6 lbs less to carry around this coming week.  Not too shabby.