Sunday, October 3, 2010

Non-Scale Victories & Weigh-in no. 8 (-0.0)

8 weeks in.....another weigh-in...

Weigh-in no. 8 (-0.0)

Last week: 312.0
This week: 312.0      
Loss of          0.0
Total Loss     -15.0

That's right.  I maintained this week.  No loss, but no gain.

I'm ok with that.

I was busy running around like a headless chicken this past week, catering dinners twice this week, making appointments and meetings, plus work and everything else - so I didn't take care of myself in the ways I have done in the previous weeks.  I ate pretty well, but had more sweets than I have had lately.  Need to cut those back again.  And I only exercised once this past week (see below).  Plus, Jim and I went out for dinner on Friday night for the first time in what felt like weeks and we enjoyed it and the bottle of white wine shared between us, so I'm thrilled that there was no gain in all honesty.

It's just a number.  Plus I joined the gym last week and have my induction on Monday, so things will pick back up for next week.

But I have to say that I had a non-scale victory (aka 'NSV' in this blogging world, apparently) yesterday.  You all know that I have started running, but had the whole need-to-buy-new-shoes delay.  So I went to walk/run last Sunday with the new shoes, but I only did half of what I normally do because I was nursing the beginnings of what felt like a chest cold and just didn't seem to have the energy or lung capacity to do it.  It was no bother though - I knew I'd have to ease my way into running so I wasn't expecting to do the full thing anyway, lung butter or not.

But yesterday (Saturday) was the first day I exercised since last weekend.   I felt back to normal.  I was determined; I will run the full programme of Week One of the C25K, knowing full well that the podcast I listen to to help me keep time goes for 30 minutes instead of the suggested 20 minutes.  So 10 minutes more than is prescribed.  I set out to do it all.

But occasionally as I was going, a thought would go through my mind:

"Maybe I will only do half of this interval."
"Maybe I'll skip the last interval and only do 7."

Then I'd have a conversation with myself that went something like this:
Fit Jayme: "C'mon!  It's not that bad.  You're still able to move.  Don't wimp out!"
Fat Jayme: "But I haven't done this before.  You have to take things slowly.  Who do you think you are, anyway?  I'm no runner.  I'm just a fat girl making a fool of herself.  See that guy walking there?  I need to stop before I get to him or he'll just look at me and laugh."
Fit Jayme: "This whole change you're going through isn't going to happen if you keep stopping early.  And pass the bastard; leave him in your dust.  Who cares what he thinks?"
Fat Jayme: "You're mean."

But I did it.  All of it.  I ran every bit of the time he told me to.   

8 intervals of running 60 seconds, walking 90 seconds.
It doesn't sound like much but considering I had a hard time even walking the circuit two-times around only 2 months ago, it's a big deal.

No shortcuts.  
No stopping early.  
No excuses.

And it'll only get better.

AND!!  My shin splints aren't as bad (thanks new shoes!!)  While it did kick my ass, I felt good.  I still feel good.  So I'm now officially back on the C25K running plan.  Today's a day of rest from running and I'll be back to it on Monday hopefully.

In other non-scale victories, today is the day that I take new pictures and measure myself.  So here goes:

11 Aug 2010 (327 lbs)             3 Oct 2010 (312 lbs)
11 Aug 2010 (327 lbs)               3 Oct 2010 (312 lbs)
11 Aug 2010 (327 lbs)           3 Oct 2010 (312 lbs)
11 Aug 2010 (327 lbs)                  3 Oct 2010 (312 lbs  + Piggy the dog)
I don't see huge changes yet - but I do see some.  But then it's also only been 15 lbs that I've lost so far (not to belittle it or anything....but considering I have 145 lbs more to go to reach my final goal, I've got bigger changes to come).

11 August 2010                                 3 October  2010
Neck: 18.75 in                                   17.5  (-1.25 inch)
Chest: 50 in                                       47.5  (-2.5 inches)
Waist: 56 in                                       53     (-3 inches)
Hips: 62 in                                        58      (-4 inches)
Left Upper Arm: 15 in                     15      (-0 inches)
Right Upper Arm: 15.5 in                16      (+.5 inch - building muscle w/ pushups)
Left Thigh: 31 in                              30      (-1 inch)
Right Thigh: 31.5 in                        30.5    (-1 inch)
Left Calf: 19.75 in                           20       (+.25 inch - building muscle)
Right Calf: 20 in                              20.5    (+.5 inch - building muscle)

Total inch loss: 12.75 inches - I've lost over a foot of space on my body!! (I'm not counting the inches gained (1.25) because I know they're from muscle)  I'm already noticing it in my clothes and have worn jeans the last week that I haven't been able to wear in about 6 months.

So this is a good week for non-scale victories.  Despite the weight being the same as last week, seeing & celebrating these differences are important!

Reports on the new gym workouts, and hopefully further loss, coming next week!


  1. Awesome job, Jayme! I can see a difference :) Think of three 5 lbs bags of sugar...that is what you've lost!!! Keep up the good work, Beth

  2. Oh Jayme! Congratulations...I'm really proud of you and you are inspiring!! Love you lots!

  3. Another 15lbs and it will 130, and another 15 and it 115 to go, another 15 and its 100, another 15 ad its 85. You've got it and your do doing it. No shortcuts. No stopping early. No excuses.

  4. By my math Jayme you've lost 4.5% of your weight. I think that's something to be proud of.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. FANTASTIC, Wonderful, wonderful woman...delighted and excited for you. A fantastic result AND I can see the difference

  6. oh, jayme! i can see your changes right before my eyes. i'm so excited for you and the work you're putting into yourself... one step after the other. i'm struck by this post: you're putting peace work into each step. creating peace between the voices in your head. wow. i'm so amazed by you! xo.