Monday, September 20, 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous by December Challenge (week 2 for me)

Time to post my second weekly entry to the Drop Dead Gorgeous by December Challenge...

I am victorious, even despite myself (sometimes)
I'm not hating on myself with that message - in fact, it's the opposite - I'm reminding myself that even when I think I might be failing, I'm still doing more than I have done in the past and for that, I am victorious!

Starting Weight: 316.2
Current Weight: 314.2

Goals to the End of December:
  • Run 5-8 minutes straight without walking
  • Eradicate “should” from my vocabulary regarding myself
  • Get a chapter completed for my dissertation

My Brag for the Week: I ate out 2-3 times this week and I made good choices and still lost 2 lbs!

My Improvement for the Week: I need to conquer my dislikes and look into joining a gym this week so that I can increase the intensity of my exercise and workouts.

1 comment:

  1. You rule. I mean it. WELL DONE. I've been following your progress and am cheering you on!