Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weigh-in no. 3

So, time for my weekly weigh-in!

Last week: 327.0
This week: 322.6

Weigh-in no. 3 (-4.4)

That's a loss of 4.4lbs!!

This is proof that I need to stay positive. The last part of this week was difficult - not really in the eating department, but with regards to energy/exercise. But I have to remind myself that I still exercised 4 times this week, which is more than I have done previously, and it obviously paid off so it's all ok. Was back on the horse today with kick-my-butt yoga this morning and will go walking (and maybe running) perhaps this evening and definitely tomorrow.

While flipping channels last night, I briefly paused on the Food Channel's "Man vs. Food" (which is a US program) out of sheer shock, horror and disgust. I tried to think that if at one time I would have thought a 4lb burger and 1lb basket of french fries he was trying to eat would have sounded times, it probably would have. But this time, I could just taste the grease coating the insides of my mouth even by watching it. yuck. So I'm noting changes in what sounds and tastes good to me, which is a milestone in its own right.

I read somewhere recently that "you crave what you eat" after a while. I think that's true. I am beginning to crave fruit and veg more.

The chocolate-craving monster came back last night though (1st time since the KitKat incident), so I did have a small bowl of Cocoa Pops (Cocoa Krispies in the US) cereal with a few strawberries. It seemed to have satisfied the beast.

So yeah, 4.4lbs down! woohoo!!