Friday, August 27, 2010

I think my body is in shock

"What are you doing to me???", it says. "I used to get to lie around, digest cookies and chocolate and pretty much whatever else I wanted! Now I'm being pushed to do things...horrible things that make me sweat and ache...and all that fruit and veg is rumbling around - what am I supposed to do with that??"

Ok, maybe not so much.....but I'm starting to feel it. I've been more tired the last 2 days than I have been the last 3 weeks. Yesterday, I ached from the yoga/core training on Monday and Tuesday and the walking/running I did on Wednesday, so I took the day off from exercise. Maybe I shouldn't have; maybe I lost a little momentum. Because today I could only do one circuit around the park and half the walking/running I did on Wednesday.

My body was protesting vehemently. Today, I did not feel triumphant. Today, I felt tired and sore.

I am convinced (thanks to my blog readers) that I need to get properly fitted for new shoes. As you can see, my old ones have about had it and are probably not providing me any helpful support. I feel the beginnings of what may be shin splints and so I need to take it easy until I can get those shoes. It's not bad, but tenderness that I need to pay attention to and not higher intensity which could make it worse.

So, I've modified the C25K plan a bit. Until I get new shoes (hopefully in about 2-3 weeks), I'll probably do a version of Week 1 in which I run for 60 seconds and walk for 3 minutes (180 seconds), and keep an eye on things.

The ambition is still there, but has just been tempered a bit by reality today.

All in time. Or as the lovely & tuned-toward-mercy Julian of Norwich said, "All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well"


  1. When I had shin splints I was advised make sure I stretched well, but what helped the most was to ice my shins for 15-20 minutes both before and after walking/running. It really made a HUGE difference. Even when my shins were better I continued the icing.

  2. Jayme, Kerry and I used to run last year and we used to do about 15 mins yoga stretching beforehand, and gentle walking for about 10 mins afterwards, never had an ache or pain.


  3. hey jayme! this blog is amazing! it popped up on my facebook news feed, and i am so impressed. had to comment on the running bit: you really need walking/running shoes that are fit for you. otherwise, other things will start to hurt. also, for the shin splints, you can pick up marbles with you toes to stretch them out, and definitely ice before and after exercising.

    good luck with everything! looks like you're doing great! :)

    kelly wolenberg